Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is an evolving concern for many companies due to changing regulations and wide-ranging repercussions for lack of compliance. Companies want to adhere to best governance practice, but corporate guidelines can be both ambiguous and esoteric.

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Distressed M&A

Distressed M&A transactions involve the acquisition of a group, business, or asset experiencing financial difficulties, usually involving debt, high illiquidity, or (close to) insolvency situations. These deals differ from “classic” M&A transactions in that the latter do not feature the same level of financial risk or urgency.

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Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

Over the last years, jurisdictions worldwide have seen the rise of FDI screening mechanisms, which has now become a topic potentially having significant impact on deal certainty and transactional timeline that must be considered from the very start for any contemplated transaction involving non-EU investors.

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Start-up and scale-up desk

Liedekerke has extensive and proven expertise in assisting start-ups and scale-ups in their growth, providing the necessary legal advice to founders, entrepreneurs, startups and investors and helping them navigate through the hurdles to achieve their goals.

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