Organising regular events for all members of the firm is pretty much synonymous with the Liedekerke approach 'we work hard but play hard as well'. A number of events such as the Liedekerke Summer Event, the Liedekerke After Summer Event, the Liedekerke Revue, our regular afterwork drinks throughout the year, ‘brain maniac’ breakfasts in the firm, etc… are recurring events that allow us to connect with each other more outside the professional working environment which obviously has a positive impact to the cooperation in the office as well. Soak up the cool atmosphere that is strong at these events by watching some after-event movies.
The importance of whistleblowing and whistleblower regulation has significantly increased recently.
Since the adoption of the EU Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937 and its implementation into local law through inter alia the acts of 28 November 2022 and 8 December 2022, Belgian law now offers a legal framework for whistleblowers to report concerns without fear for retaliation.
This comes with a range of compliance obligations for employers in both the private and the public sector, including the need to establish internal reporting mechanisms.

Our Offer

Liedekerke has set up a multidisciplinary team to assist companies with all aspects of whistleblowing, including the analysis of their obligations, setting up internal whistleblowing mechanisms and designing whistleblowing policies in compliance with, among others, data protection and employment legislation.

Our team also assists clients in the actual investigation of reports from whistleblowers and to identify the appropriate action that needs to be taken to resolve potential issues that are identified.

Our Relevant Experience

  • Drafting, updating and implementing whistleblowing policies in various sectors, e.g. for a well-known real estate investment company,  an international hotel chain, financial services, automotive

  • Establishing an international reporting mechanism in various sectors, e.g. for a multinational manufacturer of building materials and construction systems, airline

  • Advising several clients with respect to their obligations pursuant to the recent whistleblowing legislation

  • Advising clients on matter handling resulting from whistleblowing, e.g. in sports

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