Liedekerke opened its London office in 2007 as a direct response to an ever increasing involvement in international transactions and a growing demand for cross border advice from its clients.

As a representative office, our London office operates as a key point of contact between UK based clients and referral partners and the firm’s Brussels, Kinshasa and Kigali offices on all matters of Belgian, Congolese, OHADA or Rwandese law. We also assist UK companies and financial institutions with their investments in Belgium, the DRC or Rwanda and clients of the firm with their dealings in the UK. We function as a bridge to Belgium and sub-Saharan Africa.

We do not advise on UK law but collaborate closely with leading UK, US and foreign law firms in London for cross border matters outside our home jurisdiction, putting together seamless multi-jurisdictional teams where required. More recently we have worked closely together with clients in devising their post-Brexit strategies.